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What is the Sinhala Unicode?

The Sinhala Unicode is an online application that converts traditional Singlish input to standard Sinhala Unicode output. Furthermore, this performs Real-Time for Unicode Converting. You can simply type what you want, in the text box called ‘Singlish’. After entering the preferred word or sentence, the Sinhala text box will display it with Sinhala Unicode.

Not only that, but you can also convert that Singlish text into Sinhala font. Therefore, you can also obtain the Sinhala Unicode or Sinhala font text. The copy option is available here. For the purpose of copying converted text to the clipboard quickly, just press the copy button.



This is the schema used by this online tool. The first row includes the vowel letters, and the second group includes constant letters, and the third group consists of Nasal Sound Auxiliaries letters. The last group is about how Deriving Consonants with the usage of vowels.

unicode schema image


Sinhala Unicode is the standard writing method for the Sinhala Language. If you type “aayuboewan” as a word in the Singlish text box, you will get the output in Sinhala Unicode method. This Sinhala Unicode text can be used everywhere. However, you are unable to change the style of font to a font like FM Abhaya or Bindumathi. If you really want to use those Sinhala fonts styles, you can try a Sinhala Unicode Converter tool to convert Sinhala Unicode to Sinhala font. Please refer the below example which describes the way of writing using Singlish text.

If you forgot the schema, you can simply click the schema button and get Singlish to help from the schema menu. The reset button will reset all the input you typed.


Sinhala Unicode online conversion tool also assists in converting Sinhala Unicode text into Sinhala font. In addition to that, what you write as Singlish letters will become Sinhala Unicode and Sinhala font structures. If you have a need for using real-time converted Sinhala text in different applications including Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Adobe Illustrator, you must enable the Sinhala font toggle and copy that converted text from the Sinhala textbox. Apart from that, you can use the Sinhala Unicode Converter Tool which supports any type of Sinhala font you use.

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